What Are The Requirements For Selling On Amazon?

Create an Amazon merchant account where you can view and sell your products and services, whatever on the world’s most popular e-commerce platform, the world’s first online store, Amazon, is governed by a set of terms and policies set by the company’s management, which we will learn about in this report. .

But before you begin to explain the terms, steps and procedures needed to create an Amazon merchant account, let’s give a quick and brief overview of the world’s first, most famous and largest e-commerce platform, Amazon.

Jeff Bezos created Amazon in 1996 to make it the richest man in the world a few years later.He is the first e-commerce concept around the world.Amazon is the first e-commerce and online selling site in history around the world.


It is worth mentioning that Amazon initially had the idea of ​​creating a basic bookstore on the Internet; but it has evolved considerably to sell all kinds of products and services to become Amazon’s first e-commerce site in the world.

During this article on the e-commerce blog “The Kibo Code”, you will learn about the most important and most important conditions for the creation of a merchant account on Amazon, as well as review the most prominent countries that are only allowed to deal with Amazon and have a seller account to view and sell products and collect profits.

Terms of creating a merchant account on Amazon

Creating an Amazon merchant account is one of the most popular ways for many people around the world to start e-commerce and sell online as their first choice in starting their business – whatever it is – on the Internet to achieve widespread reach.

In this regard, we should also point out that the success of e-commerce has been demonstrated by the widespread presence of e-commerce and the growing number of online shoppers around the world, all of which has helped to emerge other ways more effective than creating a merchant account on Amazon, owning your e-store Private, which also allows you to allow other merchants to view their products through their own accounts.

Amazon Business

During a series of articles on the popular Kebo Code, we talked about the methods, steps and procedures required to create a professional online store for sale.

Speaking about the most important conditions that must be met in order for any merchants to have a merchant account on Amazon, you should know that the giant company “Amazon” only put three basic conditions once available can display your products and services as well as sell through Amazon. The following are the three conditions that must be met in any trader:

The merchant must live in one of the countries allowed

The first and foremost requirement to create a merchant account on Amazon is that the merchant or service provider resides or resides in one of the countries where Amazon allows dealings with its residents and allows them to view and sell their products and collect profits through Amazon.

It should be noted that Amazon has drawn up a full list of countries that allow its residents to own accounts of vendors or dealers on Amazon.

In this regard, there are many who face challenges related to residency and access to service in their country, that is, their country does not fall within the list of countries that are allowed to create a merchant account on Amazon, but there are solutions to this problem, including the use of the system of “fulfillment through Amazon.”

Seller account on Amazon

Amazon’s fulfillment system is a system in which Amazon is responsible for storage, so that once a shopper has ordered an order for one of your products on Amazon, you send the products to the Amazon store and the company sends the product to the buyer. Other solutions will be discussed in separate articles.

2 – Owning a local US Phone.

One of the most important conditions in order to be able to create a merchant account on Amazon, after being among the residents or residents of countries allowed to register a seller account on the company, is that the merchant has a local US phone number registered.

For the challenges related to this condition, that is, the merchant does not have a local US phone number; there are also several solutions that can overcome this obstacle and start selling on Amazon through your seller account. The main solutions are:

google voice

Deal with one of the many companies that give local US phone numbers or a public key number (800), some of which are free and others may be very nominal.

Relying on the service “Google Voice” provided by the giant company “Google”.

Grasshopper.com, which provides local US phone numbers for all customers, which is linked to your phone by their own program, for a monthly fee of $ 12.

3. Owning an approved bank account or international credit card.

The third and final requirement in order to create a merchant account on Amazon is the need to have a certified bank account or even an international credit card, which is allowed to purchase online and deal in different countries, namely Visa or MasterCard.

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