7 Effective Strategies To Retain Your Customers!

how do you keep customers happy and loyal?!. A very important question, which is one of the most important questions that any entrepreneur in general and an e-shop owner in particular should have the answer to this question.

Getting a customer for an online store or brand – whatever it is – is not easy and requires more hard work and scientific planning; but retaining customers is much more difficult than getting them.

If retaining customers needs to follow a systematic plan and rely heavily on different effective methods and strategies, they can in one way or another retain customers and ensure their loyalty to the online store or brand, as well as a shift between abandoning the customer and leaving it to that store or brand.


In this regard, there are many highly considered and tried methods and strategies on how to effectively maintain customers, increase their loyalty to the brand and drive them to become more attached to it, as well as create strong customer-brand relationships.

In many of the previous articles on The Kibo Code, we have talked about the complete guide for all online store owners and brands in ways and steps they can gain customers’ confidence in their stores or brands.

In this article, we will review the top 7 strategies through which all entrepreneurs, e-shop owners, online selling sites and brands can maintain their customers and ensure their total loyalty without fear of losing them as key customers.

Customer Retention Strategies

Maintaining your online store or brand customers is not as easy to reach and achieve as we mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, but with the application of scientific strategies you can actually do this work easily.

It should be noted that each of these strategies can be the owners of electronic stores and brands to see the results quickly and surely. These strategies are:

Customer Retention Strategies

1- Optimizing the use of CRM

The CRM program is one of the most important programs that build relationships between the customer and the brand or e-store, as it provides successful management of customer transactions of different categories and purchasing behavior and gives the store or brand a glimpse of this customer or that.

In this regard, we can emphasize that all customer retention strategies for brands and e-stores are based on the CRM software and provide information, data and analysis to all customers.

Therefore, optimizing the use of the CRM program is one of the most important – if not the most important – strategies to maintain customers and ensure their full loyalty to the brand, so we recommend that all e-store owners and brands care to develop a strong CRM strategy in CRM or Customers properly and successfully.

2. Customize content for customers

The customer becomes more attached and loyalty to the brand whenever he feels that he is a distinct customer and is of great importance to that brand or online store. Hence, the importance of customizing content for your store customers is one of the most important and at the forefront of strategies to maintain customers and increase confidence in the store or brand.

Personalized content is meant to address the customer personally through messages or content exposed to them by the online store or brand. Personalized content has proved more effective than others in achieving tangible results in retaining customers.

It is well known that professional customization of content that makes the customer feel important and distinct for the store or brand, requires a firm and correct basis on which it is based.This basis is all the data and information related to the customer names and addresses of e-mail and demographic data and other data.

Customize content for customers

To be able to utilize this information effectively and in a cumbersome manner, it must be appropriately structured and easily used to customize content for customers. This is where the CRM program, which we have emphasized is important in all our customer retention strategies.

3. Detection of customer honk marks early

One of the most important and dangerous strategies to help you retain your customers in your online store or brand is to discover signs that your existing customers are honored or distressed from your brand early before it is too late.

Early discovery of causes and problems can help you manage everything before it is too late and your customers lose irreversibly. This, of course, requires you to always keep the customer under surveillance and never leave them out of your sight, so you can detect any sign of distress or boredom from your store or brand for any reason.

In order to detect customer honk marks and capture these “warning” signals, you need to identify and know some of the key variables of customer behavior such as purchase patterns, product usage, and customer service query history. Next, you’ll need to analyze these signals and take action to stop your customers before this happens.

4 – attention to feedback echo customers

This strategy is not much different from its predecessor; both rely on intense attention with customers to find out why they might give up on this online store or brand, but the difference here is how they find narrow reasons or Customer honk.

In the previous strategy, revealing the reasons for customer tightness depends on monitoring the major changes in their purchasing behavior in general on the store, while the current strategy is based on the survey of customers and know the feedback directly from the customer.

This is highly required for any online store or brand, as it is necessary to periodically check customer feedback from time to time, so that problems can be identified that can prompt customers to leave and then be addressed immediately before it is too late.

Online Store

Whether you use a customer survey in an email, after a transaction, or once, conducting a customer survey and doing so regularly will help you proactively identify trends and solve problems – before customers leave your competitors.

5- Rewarding distinguished customers

This strategy of customer retention is based primarily on the CRM program, where the e-store owner or brand needs to determine which customers contribute the most to the profit of the store and which customers are the most valuable customers we consider to be VIP customers.

The shopkeeper will only be able to reach these discerning customers depending on the CRM or CRM software. So these are customers who can’t be overlooked at all because they make up the bulk of the brand or online store’s earnings.

As a kind or way of maintaining these most profitable customers, special rewards should be offered to them, including but not limited to discount coupons, discounts on purchases, and other rewards that distinguish them from other customers and ensure their loyalty to the brand. This strategy has proven its ability and efficiency to deliver impressive results in retaining customers and ensuring their loyalty.

6. Honesty and transparency with customers

One of the most important factors that help any online store or any brand in maintaining their customers and avoiding their loss is to deal with them with great transparency and honesty and avoid deceiving or misleading customers.

Dealing with these principles helps customers build strong bridges of trust in an online store or brand, which in turn leads to increased customer loyalty and retention.


The customer must be informed of everything in full transparency and healthy and unequivocal or manipulation or misleading, so that the customer feels comfortable, safe and secure when dealing with this online store in particular or with any brand in general.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most proven and powerful magic strategies in maintaining customers and increasing their loyalty to the brand, as well as one of the most effective marketing methods.

Email marketing is seen as having the magic of retaining customers, relative to its tremendous ability to bring customers back to your online store or brand.

Customers online

In this regard, research has indicated that loyalty messages sent to customers by e-mail effectively keep the customer or consumer a permanent customer of your online store, as well as significantly boost profits.

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