7 Best Long-Term Stocks To Buy and Hold Forever!

The strategy of buying and holding stocks for a long period of time (often exceeding ten years) is an important strategy in the world of investment.

Investors are still debating whether this strategy is the best, but given the major US indices such as the Dow and the S&P, the market has been on an upward trend for almost a decade, making this strategy excellent in periods like this.

Investors wishing to follow this strategy should choose their stocks very carefully. Here are some companies that are considered good candidates for long-term growth:

Alphapet Company

The company grows at a rate of 6% per year and distributes dividends to shareholders periodically and the profits are approximately $12 per share. Of mobile searches.

The company is continuously developing its services and is considered a pioneer of artificial intelligence through its company Deep Mind, and there are no signs that the company will stop growing for the time being.

Johnson & Johnson Company

It is a giant company that provides health and pharmaceutical products to its customers, and this company raises the dividends it distributes to shareholders every year for 60 years, and despite the small profits, it can be reinvested and achieve a strong return on capital.

Apple Company

It is the first company in the world with a market capitalization of one trillion US dollars despite the recent decline in the value of its shares,

The company continues to perform well and is one of the top five companies in the United States. The company has a significant market share in the smartphone market of 15 percent and the prospect of future growth is wide for the company as it enters India and China.

Microsoft Corporation

It improved significantly after Satya Nadella took over as CEO and focused on building cloud storage applications rather than on Windows.

The company is growing steadily and has a return over the last 10 years of 20 percent, and dividends are usually 2 percent.

The company has recently acquired several companies, most importantly Skype, offering new services such as Microsoft Azure and is a good investment option.

Microsoft Corporation

Berkshire Hathaway

It is a company founded and managed by the great investor Warren Buffett, an investment company that buys shares and manages the portfolios of its clients, so buying shares of this company saves you the trouble of searching for shares and buying and you can rely on the experience and skill of Warren Buffett in investment, and this company is good in your portfolio on Although Warren Buffett stepped away from her for his age.

AT&T American Communications

The company is growing at an annual rate of 7 percent and has gone through difficult times recently but is making strategic choices that are expected to help it in the future. The dividends are good for mitigating the impact of periods of depreciation on the stock.

You can choose a similar company in the telecommunications sector in your country provided that the company follows the latest technological developments closely and gives good dividends to shareholders.

The giant Amazon

Transformed from a bookseller to an e-commerce giant and gradually expanding into new markets and geographies, the company’s stock grows remarkably despite the dividend being distributed by the company.

It has grown by more than 375 percent in the past five years, and Amazon is currently trying to improve the efficiency of the food sector and offers many services such as Internet services, video broadcasting, shipping and others.

The bottom line of buying US stocks

The strategy of buying and retaining stocks is a good strategy if the right stocks are chosen, especially as this strategy reduces the percentage of capital taxes.The above information is not a recommendation to buy, but merely an opinion on the shares of some companies and advises financial advice and risk management well.

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